CWT Meetings & Events 3.0

The Digital Difference

The landscape of meetings & events is changing, CWT Meetings & Events is making bold investments in innovation and our people. We are very excited about the future and more confident than ever that the new 3.0 strategy will make a difference. Here is a short timeline of how we got to where we are today:


Who remembers tools like the overhead projector? When we started out we were providing meetings & events services using tools like these. This was often when audiences just listened and were referred to as attendees. When looking back on these early days of events, we refer to this as 1.0.


In 2.0, the internet emerged in the 90’s and changed the way we met and worked. Information became much more readily available, and attendees were turning up to events more informed than ever.


In short, 3.0 is the perfect blend of our people expertise, creativity and technology to deliver the most efficient and engaging digital experience for our participants, events and Strategic Meetings Management programs.