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4 Unique Incentive Destinations

You Need To Visit


September 2, 2019

Incentive travel plays a significant part in driving business within companies. Employees are willing to stay late for the extra call and self-motivate themselves to reach their targets. However, the motivation comes from the opportunity to join a company venture to upcoming, exotic destinations on an all-expenses covered trip.

Gone are the days where incentive travel provided the opportunity to visit a classic destination. As time moves on, unique cultural activities, extraordinary opportunities lead as the ideal characteristics of an incentive destination, allowing attendees to try new things.

Where are the hottest destinations to visit?

1. Seville, Spain

Seville provides an authentic taste of Spain. The city boasts vast amounts of modern and traditional architecture, warm climate all year round and an abundance of history. The city itself resembles a watercolor painting with picturesque streets, cobbled stone streets, and lined with orange trees, filling surrounding areas with a gorgeous citrus scent. Seville welcomes visitors with great warmth, with direct access to a plentiful number of boutique and luxury hotels, numerous gastronomic delicacies and cultural activities. Guests cannot leave Seville without trying local Spanish wine, experiencing a tapas tour, visiting the majestic palace of Alcázar or trying the local Flamenco dance.

2. Cartagena, Colombia

Experience Cartagena, where you will discover the “Jewel of the Caribbean”, a city filled with plenty of natural beauty, especially the magnificent and iconic fortress. Soak up the atmosphere as you explore the delights of the coastal city, before stopping for a refreshing drink, a taste of the local Colombian cuisine, and dance salsa.  Then, in Bogota experience a whirlwind of history and modernity mixed into an engaging and vibrant capital. Its urban vibe and carefully preserved colonial buildings are home to fantastic museums, hotels, bars, and restaurants. Bogota provides the opportunity to discover another side of Colombia. 

Sleigh dogs pulling a sleigh in snowy landscape

3. Lapland, Finland

Lapland’s unique environment and arctic conditions have made it a mystical destination, providing exciting opportunities with its unique twists. The Finnish Lapland resembles a real fairytale Winter Wonderland, especially with the striking natural sight of the Northern Lights. Hop on board a snowmobile and ride through the pristine-white forests, and experience a husky sleigh ride for yourself. If you want to recharge, try out one of the authentic Finnish saunas and treat yourself to a peaceful afternoon. Lapland is the perfect incentive destination for attendees who wish to experience somewhere distinctive, leaving attendees with memories to last a lifetime.

Old temple with buddha's lined up to the entrance

4. Laos & Cambodia

Escape to Southeast Asia’s’ sought after destinations, Laos, and Cambodia. It’s a part of the world that genuinely inspires attendees, where ancient culture meets modern society. Cambodia’s home to the world-renowned Angkor Wat, which has been a UNESCO world heritage site since 1992. To witness an unforgettable moment, visit Angkor Wat during sunrise, it’s truly magical. Cambodia guides you through its unsuspected treasures within its territory, as you move along to Laos, offering up the best of Southeast Asia in bite-size chunks. Get up close with exotic and endangered animals, such as the rare black Asian bears, practice the spiritual and Zen nature of the Buddhist culture, and visit the natural rushing waterfalls of Kuang Si. Combined with the vast number of luxe hotels and breathtaking terrain, and local cuisine, which takes you on a gastronomic tour through the Southeast Asian region. Laos will leave a lasting memorable impact on all attendees for years to come.

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