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Global retail today is all about consumer focused deliverables

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We know the world of retail and the support you require in this evolving industry

To us retail business is all about creating valuable networks, embracing technology innovation while supporting your fast-paced business models and borderless strategies.

Working close with some of the largest retail brands in the world, we understand that creating unique, innovative ideas and experiences are core to you. Supporting you to constantly expand your vision and ensuring your attendee experiences goes beyond expectations.

We constantly use our global network of project leaders and partners to ensure consistent service and delivery. Brand awareness is one of the most important key factors in retail, and we provide an opportunity to strengthen and position yourselves in the market. After all, we are an extension to your team and your strategy.

Creating a sensational customer experience at every event

When we partner with our retail clients to assist on projects, we jointly assess strategy, objectives and desired outcomes to create an effective a plan. Understanding the goal and your corporate messaging is crucial before we start. Delivering on a vision or idea and seeing it materialize into a fully executed event. We believe it is all about the small details and the inspirational experience.  

Why CWT Meetings & Events for your next retail event?

  • We have a unique understanding of the retail world and how it is transforming across the globe, by constantly learning and developing together with our colleagues and partners.
  • Using our vast knowledge on events and attendee experience, we act as your experienced advisors, and colleagues. Especially if you are a new and upcoming retail company attending a conference for the first time or hosting your first larger consumer event.
  • A key component of our delivery is our technology platform of websites, invitations, registrations, mobile applications, and social media. This brings cost savings, brand consistency and visibility, compliance in data capture and a long-lasting effect from your successful event.

Our benefits

  • State of the art attendee experience
  • A global network of project leaders and partners
  • One agency for creative content, technology solutions, and travel logistics
  • In-house graphic design and the ability to bring your ideas and vision to life
  • Advisors, tutorials and consultancy available
  • Solid project management processes that minimize risks, protects compliance and your brand

Bringing you a new limitless era to meetings and events

To find out more, contact us today.

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