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Sustainable Events

Concerned about your impact on the environment? We’re here to help.

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Helping you achieve your sustainability goals

Every event we manage is created to help our customers unlock the power of human connection and maximize the return on their investment. However, it’s now very much the norm for the definition of a successful event to include minimizing its carbon impact. We have always prided ourselves as being a leader in environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility. And we’re focused on helping our customers achieve their sustainability goals.

Deliver a more meaningful ROI

Our team will guide you through the process of delivering an event which has an even more meaningful ROI. This means working with you to understand the event’s objectives and bringing your vision to life, leaving attendees inspired and achieving your sustainability goals, too. As part of the process, we use a carbon emissions calculator which gives insights to the impact of different event components. This opens exciting opportunities to shape the design of individual events and global programs.

Steps to a carbon neutral event

Every component of an event has a carbon impact. All areas need careful consideration to minimize emissions and reduce waste to best effect:

  • Travel is usually the most significant part, so choosing a destination that minimises this for all attendees is key.
  • When providing travel and local transport suggestions to attendees, recommend routes that generate less environmental impact.
  • Choosing a venue that is easily accessible and can handle, if needed, multiple functions will remove the need for transport between different smaller venues.
  • Select a caterer who understands the need for locally sourced, seasonal, and organic ingredients. 
  • Reduce waste by sharing all communications digitally, avoiding printing unless essential and use reusable and recyclable materials wherever possible.
  • Calculate the event’s emissions and balance your carbon footprint by using offsets.

Find out more in our blog: A 6 step guide to hosting a successful, responsible event

Understand your event's carbon emissions

Our teams use a carbon emissions calculator which provides emissions numbers across a comprehensive range of event components including travel, venue and the effect of attendees joining remotely. Analytics show an event's overall impact and provide actionable insights by drilling down into the detail. We'll guide you through the findings, providing recommendations which shape the success of future events and your broader program.

The calculator is part of CWT's comprehensive suite of sustainable products and services helping clients manage the environmental footprint of their travel and meetings programs.

Press release: CWT Meetings & Events launches carbon calculator to help reduce customers' carbon footprint


Beyond Bamboo Straws: How to elevate the sustainability of your meetings and events starting today


As CWT Meetings & Events sees its projects more than double in a year now organizing over 30,000 meetings and events globally in 2023, the calculator’s reporting signposts specific event elements where greener solutions could and should be sought - be that event destination, transportation, accommodation and venues, food and beverage, material, and/or waste management. Listen to our podcast to find out more. 

Success stories - sustainable events

350 people, 100 trees, brought together by one common goal

Success story - Incentive Event

CWT Meetings & Events collaborated with the customer in order to execute a unique incentive event with a strong CSR aspect. The purpose was to recognize and celebrate the power of community, and reward employees for their efforts and success from around the globe. In addition the incentive would include a way for employees to give back to the environment and make a big impact for years to come.  

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Boosting morale with a green theme

Success story - Virtual & Sustainable Event

This 2-day virtual event reconnected colleagues and reinforced engagement with their employer, a pharma company. It concluded with a team building cookery class, uniting attendees through a shared passion - food. As a certified ISO 20121 Sustainable event it also aligned with company sustainability objectives.

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Let’s discuss how we can help you achieve your sustainability goals

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