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Digital engagement

Creatively connecting people through technology

Seamless technology creates human connections

What do you want to achieve with your meeting or event? Let us start there. Once we understand your goals, we can create the perfect mix of our team’s expertise and technology to help you reach them.

Why take this approach? Mostly, we have this crazy idea that technology should not add complexity. Or replace human connection. Digital tools should make things simpler and easier for you and the people who interact with you. We think you agree.

You know that technology should not be fancy bells and whistles that look cool and sound impressive. You know that each and every digital tool, from your event website, to mobile app, needs to make sense, solve your problems, and work seamlessly with all the other aspects of your meeting or event.

Together we can find and use the right technology to get the right results.

Our service offerings

We provide technology solutions to event planners for physical, virtual and hybrid events; online event registration, event management events, communication reporting and web surveys.

We can help you:

  • Create digital event experiences and manage your virtual events
  • Build attendee management websites and reports
  • Manage and update attendees’ records
  • Create, manage and update new websites
  • Build demo sites and templates for repeated use and efficiencies
  • Create and manage web surveys in multiple languages

Mobile and online solutions

We help you reach your attendees, wherever they are. With mobile and online solutions, you can elevate your meeting or event, from planning to post-event analysis. That includes end-to-end support for meeting planners, timely reporting, and managing attendee communications.

Mobile app support lets you create and navigate features available through different mobile app providers to best meet your objectives. That includes content management, schedule information, push notifications, post event surveys and more.

Plus, you can access data analytics to find the best ways to engage your audience.

Are you ready to engage and reconnect with your attendees?

To find out more, contact us today.