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The 7 wonders of APAC

Let your senses discover Asia-Pacific



April 22, 2024

The region of Asia-Pacific (APAC) is made up of a few major countries, each with their charm and unique quality behind each destination. APAC is not only a popular region of the world for tourists, but it also attracts a large number of companies to host their meetings and events. What makes APAC so ideal for meetings and events, you say? There is a vast number of hotels from budget to high-end hotels, each with their meetings and events spaces. Providing large amounts of availability and variety attracts the big dogs to the small fish.


Singapore, the vibrant hub of Southeast Asia, offers a blend of modernity and tradition that captivates visitors from around the globe. As a leading business destination, Singapore boasts state-of-the-art facilities and impeccable hospitality, making it an ideal choice for hosting meetings and events. With its efficient infrastructure and cosmopolitan atmosphere, Singapore stands out as a premier choice for corporate gatherings in the heart of Asia-Pacific.


As one of the largest countries in the world, China has a fantastic cultural presence, where Asian traditions are meeting Western influences and vast amounts of diverse landscapes too. With landscapes, comes some of the most scenic views from meeting rooms, meetings and events won’t be the same again. A part of a business trip, incorporate exhilarating ways to see the country. The Zhangjiajie Grand canyon glass bridge in Hunan, the world’s longest and highest glass bridge hanging over the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon. The paved glass base gives an incredible bird’s eye view, showing off some of China’s finest sights.


Japan has a great deal of experience hosting meetings and events, with its world-class hospitality and service it attracts many large companies to host. Japan has been famous for its creative talent, from artists to fashion designers, mixing Japan’s sophistication and tradition, you get a fusion of aesthetic and culture, which comes through in Japan’s meeting venues. Japan is home to some unique event venues, such as the Nijo-Jo Castle, Kyoto. It’s registered as a UNESCO world heritage site, where guests will be filled with delight as they experience the atmosphere of this spectacular venue.


Bali is an Indonesian island, known as the Land of the Gods. Its natural appeal brings many leisure and business travelers to the golden sand beats, lush rice fields and its sheer natural beauty of volcanoes and miles of open water. With Bali’s history, there is a large drive for a greener environment. For all those companies wanting to contribute to going green, Green Village in an all-natural compound consisting of 12 spectacular, luxury bamboo houses and villas. The ‘village’ makes for a perfect meetings and events retreat, providing tranquility for all delegates attending.

Beach with men in small fishing boats


Korea’s Gwangmyeong Cave located on the far southwestern outskirts of Seoul, is one of the most talked about transformation after it was closed down for 38 years before being revolutionized and transformed into the best cave theme park in Korea. The combination of culture and art experiences that are attracting vast amounts of people each year, it is such an accomplished miracle from an abandoned mine. Take your event to the next level, hire out the entire theme park and let your imagination unfold in this magnificent space!


n the mountainous region of Danang, you will find the ever so unique Ba Na Hills. This part of Vietnam is like no other, especially with its French twist from previously being colonized, almost making you feel like you’re in Paris. The area remains serene and scenic, with Ba Na cable cars moving back and forth over the ancient rainforest, where you can often see four seasons in one day, making it a unique place to hold your next meeting or event. The exclusivity of the area makes it perfect for board meetings, where you don’t want to be disturbed.


Thailand is known for its tropical beaches and opulent royal palaces and displays of the iconic Buddha. Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, is a beautiful, ultramodern cityscape and one of the main business hubs of Thailand. Bangkok is now home to one of the Edition Hotel’s latest ‘editions’, with it also getting some alternative recognition for it being Thailand’s tallest building too. The hotel comes with over 5,500 square feet of combined meeting space including a boardroom, main function room, and outdoor banquet terrace. Perfect for events, especially with the gorgeous all year round weather and idealistic views to match.

Busy street in Asia

CWT Meetings & Events operates in ten major countries within APAC with an extensive strategic partner network, with over 300 meetings and events specialists with ten years’ of experience on average.

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