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How Tech Will Revolutionize Meetings and Events



October 11, 2018

Technology is altering the landscape of meetings and events, according to the 2019 Meetings and Events Future Trends report, and will continue to do so in the near future. Augmented reality, artificial intelligence and data analysis tools allow meeting planners to save time and expense and raise expectations by taking simple concepts to the next level.

Creative execution will be aided by augmented and virtual reality but technology will also assist with everyday tasks through meeting management tools and event apps. According to CWT Meetings & Events Commercial Director UK & Ireland, Chris Goundrill, 80 percent of requests have a technology requirement and this is likely to increase as planners understand the benefits of technology.

Virtual meeting technology will become more popular, although there is no real worry about it taking over face-to-face meetings. Most global offices have international clientele and offices all over the world. Communication between teams in different countries is not always feasible face-to-face, especially when travel costs and time are considered. However, with the support of software and advanced technology, there is a new vision known as “phygital” – a cross between physical and digital meetings.

Augmented and virtual reality (VR) will become more widespread too. Since more people within the meetings and events industry have begun to see a need for advanced VR, prices have reduced for the equipment. It will be used even more to represent spokespeople unable to attend by using a hologram. Not only is it practical and cost-effective, AR and VR helps to drive attendee engagement.

Artificial intelligence (AI) including bot technology and chat interfaces is also expected to boom in 2019. For meeting planners, AI provides a useful resource to direct information through messaging and chat. AI has already reached other areas of the hospitality industry and is showing great promise for meetings and events.

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