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Venue Sourcing

The right venue and price aligned to your meeting specifics

Venue sourcing is part science, part art. Finding the right venue to ensure your meeting is successful is more than just negotiating a competitive room rate, meeting space, food and beverage rates, and other costs. We have a community of destination experts across the globe who are focused on one job – finding the right venue at the right price that is available at the right time. Venue sourcing through us is an opportunity for savings, better visibility, and risk mitigation. After all, the average savings opportunity with a successful strategic meetings management program is between 10% and 25% and centralized sourcing alone making up more than 60% of these savings.

What we can do for you

Our venue sourcing specialists manage it all for you; you provide them with an idea of what you are looking for and our experienced professionals will identify ideal properties, negotiate competitive prices and provide you with a proposal. You provide the approval; we will sort out the rest.

This is the most common first step and entry point into a mature, managed meetings program. The savings and risk mitigation secured through this strategy is measurable and easily quantified. We are helping meeting planners, procurement and travel management prove financial visibility, not forgetting the time savings and fewer labor-intensive processes.

Sourcing perfect venues globally

We are flexible in how we help you fund and pay for our venue sourcing services. Using a combination of commissions and competitive fees, we tightly manage your costs, leading to larger savings and financial gain.

In addition, we have teams on the ground across the globe, providing local sourcing expertise wherever your meeting is being held. This makes us an ideal choice for local and global venue sourcing – our team, and our ability to find the perfect venue at the right place for any meeting.

Success story

Glamorous product presentation in London

CWT M&E was asked to arrange accommodation, transfers within London, food & beverages and the supporting program for the main event. "The participants were extremely impressed by the different locations and events, all of which were exclusive and glamorous."

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