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See Yourself Here: Banff

Explore Canada's finest Wild West!



July 2, 2018


When choosing your next destination for meetings and events, why not veer off the tarmac path and find somewhere serene. All the best ideas will come to life with the help of nature, bringing delegates closer together too.

Imagine waking up to fresh scent of pine trees, the subtle trickling of water running through nearby rivers and the view of the snow-capped Canadian Rockies. Welcome to Banff, one of the most prestigious towns in Alberta, Canada. Located less than hundred miles or hundred and fifty kilometers from Calgary and a short drive from Lake Louise, you get the most incredible firsthand perspective of Canada’s rural nature and wildlife.


Banff is a resort town that is a unique meetings and events destination because of its mountainous surroundings and clean, crisp air. Nothing can get attendees more motivated than a view out of a meeting room or venue. Gather round an open pit fire or dip into the natural hot springs, a great way to get warm and for colleagues to get to know one another, whilst overlooking the glacial mountains – how surreal!

It’s time to reinvent your style of meetings and events. Turn that annual meeting or project get together into an eye opening experience. Most delegates know the usual venues set aside but take their expectations to a whole new level by visiting Banff.


Team building will never be the same again. Take on the ‘Amazing Race’, face roadblocks, detours and pit stops in teams of four to six in a suspenseful game of victory that could change at any moment. Challenges include team games, mental challenges, solving mysteries at famous historic sites. There is also canoeing and cycling between various locations and a special scavenger hunt. Let the hunger games begin!

Triviography is also a fantastic way to get your team building task that can be done remotely and just with your smart phone. Even better, doing it in the wilderness and barren planes to make things just that little bit more exciting? Race against your colleagues to different locations and answer the questions before they do! Triviography utilizes a live GPS map to track the different teams and their scores, you can also interact with others in your team to strategize and answer various questions. Don’t forget, time is ticking!


Bleisure is where travelers mix business trips with leisure time. Business trip attendees will often add an extra few days from their annual leave for their own pleasure. A cost savvy way to see the world and unwind from a hectic work life. Meeting and event planners have also found that there is a vast increase in attendance at meetings and events for those that are hosted at bucket list destinations, thanks to bleisure.

Imagine being outside on a summer’s morning, setting off on your bike and the sun is perfectly hitting the rugged mountain mountains tops, creating the perfect golden eclipse and the fresh air flowing through your lungs. There is pin drop silence, apart from the tires rolling over the gravel and the air rushing through your hair. The river is flowing alongside and you finally reach the peak of the mountain. You stop and look around - this may possibly be the most beautiful place to ride a bike, ever.

Hop aboard a sledge and get ready for what will be a thrilling adventure. As the energetic husky pups bounce around with excitement, with the sound of jingling collars and pitter-patter of paws, let your canine team guide you through the snow covered forests and across the breathtaking landscapes.

Take to the waters at the hot springs amongst the Rockies. Just like coffee, the hot springs have their own signature blend of minerals, gases and temperature. Just five of the main minerals that can be found are Sulfate, Calcium, Bicarbonate, Magnesium and Sodium. From beginning as a raindrop, before seeping into the earth’s crust, before being heated, pressurized and laden within minerals before returning to the surface – this is what makes the springs so unique.

CWT Meetings and Events is ready to plan your next spectacular Canadian meeting or event!


  • 50 hotels from budget to high end.
  • 5,527 guest rooms available.
  • 1,050 the largest number of guests in any venue.
  • 145km to Calgary airport.
  • 587 the number of wildlife species.
  • 81 degrees Fahrenheit/ 27 degrees Celsius in summer.
  • 15,000 square foot of conference space available.




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