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Giving air time

To end human trafficking

July 8, 2019

Tony Wagner, VP for the Americas at CWT Meetings & Events sat down with Cody and Brooke from the Cvent podcast 'How Great Events Happen', to discuss our role as industry professionals to help put an end to human trafficking.

The Carlson Family Foundation and CWT have a long history of advocacy and investment in bringing an end to human trafficking. This podcast highlights the impact CWT Meetings & Events, our industry overall, and even attendees at events can make in ending this atrocity.

What to listen for:

  • What is human trafficking?
  • How to look for signs as it happens in 'plain sight.'
  • Busted myths about human trafficking.
  • The reason this impact meetings and events.
  • How to train staff to watch for key signs.
  • A clear program impact: 35M impressions and 15,000 trained via support from Carlson in 2018.
  • Create a plan and ask about vendor policy.
  • Be on the lookout, train yourself, and train others.

Now with our involvement, CWT Meetings & Events team and I are committed to support the Carlson Family Foundation, CWT and CWT Meetings & Events, in bringing an end to human trafficking."

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