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An integrated approach

Optimizing all your Travel & Expense spend

Why combine travel with Meetings & Events programs

Aside from the obvious well-being and duty of care practicalities, there are numerous other benefits to maximizing the value of integrated travel, meetings and events programs.

Joint sourcing is one super-strategic benefit, and more companies recognize the value of it. By combining your travel and meetings & events program, you will get more transparency into total spend from both areas, not to mention enhanced supplier negotiations and risk mitigation, driving adoption and compliance.

A seamless experience

The booking experience for a traveler can still differ from that of a meeting attendee. Which can result in a disconnect. Creating a connected employee experience improves every aspect of travel and events. So, when focusing on the traveler's overall experience, it's important to engage to a seamless and extended safety experience from start to finish regardless of the trip purpose.

Bringing it together

By uniting, a transient strategy for both business travel and meetings & events, you can reply on CWT for a consistent service across the integrated program, from specialized teams, that drive innovation and efficiency. Creating an end-to-end and seamless experience for your employees will bring incremental benefits to both the travel buyer and meeting owner.

Benefits of an integrated approach

We’ll help you accomplish a simple and connected experience – clients who’ve already taken this approach have also experienced the following wins:

  • Program adoption across business travel and events topping 90%
  • Extended safety and security from start to finish
  • Increased attendee and traveler satisfaction to 4.8 out of 5.0 based on client employee surveys
  • 13-20% overall savings with an average of 19.3%

…and that is just the beginning!

Bringing you a new limitless era to meetings and events

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