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5 ways to attend to your attendees

Safety First

It is an exciting time for event planners.

Innovation in event technology is booming. The pandemic has accelerated postponed updates promoting a new wave of technology automation and overall innovation. From new decors to hi-tech equipment ready to serve the most technically advanced clients, hotels had to adapt to a new set of demands. Technical synchronization between hotels is a big selling point for hybrid events, where many venues thousands of miles apart can connect simultaneously. Not only that, the concept of a hotel as a lodging and conference venue is expanding as hoteliers are finding new uses of the spaces left by travelers. One of the big transformations is that hotels are now selling ‘office spaces’, opening up new concepts.

The other big transformation started a couple of years ago. What began with rooftop beehives and chef herb gardens have now transformed in a holistic movement that plans to include all aspects of hotel management. From laundry services to electricity consumption.

But with all the excitement, growth and transformation comes the inevitable concerns about how to manage it all. Risk management has risen to the top of the agenda for organizations, more than ever before.

In October 2020, CWT Meetings & Events became the first-ever company to have an event certified in ISO 20121 Sustainable events and Covid-19 Risk Management. Achieving this certification means that the event organizers have followed all precautions and measures to prevent Covid-19 infections.

Our efforts saw us take a new approach to risk management and contingency planning, introduce small meetings and shift to virtual and hybrid events.

“Organizations are more aware of security, medical and emergency plans at venues, or are getting involved in the planning process,” says Matthew Bradley, Regional Security Director Americas, at International SOS, “If something goes wrong, it’s the reputation of the company that’s at stake, not the reputation of the venue.”

Here are a few tips to help you safeguard your delegates:

Define acceptable travel
Determine who, where and what types of travel are permissible. Consider options based on attendee type, domestic vs international, and short- vs long-haul. Explore hybrid alternatives to keep your business moving based on attendee comfort, and evaluate and adjust at regular intervals.

Understand employee concerns to provide support

  • Understand and anticipate concerns around the return to travel using focus group(s), all-company communication channels and/or online survey(s).
  • Provide tangible support based on concerns - from company-branded hygiene kits and pre-travel checklists to mid-travel safety reminders.

Communicate vendor and company COVID-19 standards 

  • Refresh your health and safety policy and communicate best practice(s)
  • Clearly define how attendees should manage unexpected delays while traveling (i.e. changes in-country requirements, what happens if diagnosed with COVID-19 while on the road)

Manage your attendees
Book through a travel management company or event agency. It will enable you to track travelers and minimize the number of delegates traveling off the radar. In case of an emergency, you’ll need to know where your people are. A clear safety plan will give you the peace of mind you need so that you can let your imagination run wild and bring your dream corporate event into fruition. Even if it includes indoor skydiving.

Consider smaller events in higher risk circumstances
If done properly, events with a reduced number of attendees present a lower level of risk. CWT M&E works with our suppliers to adapt to new circumstances. However, any decision to hold an event during the pandemic relies on understanding the risk to which attendees may be exposed and take the appropriate mitigation measures in accordance with the level of risk. Our site inspections include WHO and country regulations and precautions to prevent transmission between people.

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