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See Yourself Here: Athens

Uncover the ancient empire of Greece

October 22, 2019

Arriving in Athens, you get a dual vision of the ancient history and the developing modernity of Greece, giving you a taste of what is to come. The creative energy that sparks through the city is like no other – despite economic hardship, the Athenians dazzle the city with vibrancy and excitement. Athens remains a unique M&E destination, where in most cities pre-planning is necessary, but there you can purchase tickets for a show as it is beginning, or sit down for dinner at a local restaurant before it is even open. They reward you tenfold for your presence and welcome you warmly. Above it all, Athens incentivizes many meetings and events clients each year. The history, culture, accessibility and vast number of suppliers ready to host, draw in many meeting planners repeatedly.


Athens ranks as one of the leading European cities for meetings and events. Its unique landscapes of Ancient Greece and diverse environment makes it the perfect location for incentive travel. With year-round warm weather spanning from 13 degrees Celsius in January, to highs of 32 degrees Celsius in July and August.   

There is plenty to do in Athens, but what reigns as the leading attraction is climbing to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Acropolis. The views allow you to appreciate many of the ancient buildings, which hold great architectural and historical significance. For street art lovers, there is plenty of beautiful pieces to discover in Athens, ranging from classic graffiti art right through to modern street art, where most of it resides in the Plaka area. If you are in Athens on a Sunday, you cannot miss the hourly changing of the guards outside the Parliament Building at Syntagma. However, if you visit specifically at 11:00 am, the guards are dressed in a traditional Greek uniform, and they perform an elaborate routine that is well worth a watch. 

Enjoy a plethora of traditional Greek food with fresh flavours derived from the fertile soil, salty breeze from the islands, and true tasting notes that come through with all the fresh ingredients.  You can indulge in fresh fish, that are chargrilled with a touch of oil and zesty lemon, the rest of the flavour remains in the fish. 

Beyond Athens, the peninsula is home to spectacular monuments, such as world-renowned Temple of Poseidon, long stretches of beautiful golden sand beaches, or explore the thermal heated laze or the local monastery with bejewelling mosaics. 



8 reasons to host an event in Athens

1. Easy access from 162 local and international cities, across 50 countries with up to 60 airlines flying into Athens over 2,500 times a week.

2. Athens remains as the only European capital to offer marine-focused services, within thirty minutes you can find yourself in the center of Athens with plenty of spots for business meetings and group dinners before escaping back to the Athenian Riviera. 

3. Athens has some of the state-of-the-art meeting venues, from large business hotels with extensive meeting rooms and venue space that can be adapted to all your needs.

4. You will have difficulty choosing where to stay, with over 32,000 rooms across 666 hotels, including some of the most luxurious chains such as the newly opened Four Seasons Astir Palace.  

5. Established as one of the leading meeting destinations worldwide, it continues to grow and execute extraordinary events, conferences, gala dinners and more!

6. Mixing business with leisure, attendees are encouraged to make the most of event attendance in Athens. The contemporary vibe caters for every part of the leisure tourism market, with a twist of local culture, with world-famous museums and breathtaking UNSECO sites.

7. Athens’ stable all-year-round climate makes it perfect for hosting outdoor activities, especially with its incredibly mild climate, blue skies, and up to nine hours of daylight every day. 

8. The geographical location makes it a viable and cost-effective choice to host events, especially as it remains at the centre of three major continents, Europe, Africa, and Asia.  

Pittoresk little harbour

Traveling to Athens

Traveling to Athens has never been easier, especially with American Airlines’ Group & Meeting Travel (GMT) program. Attendees can travel together in large groups of 10 or more to explore this gorgeous destination in Greece. Take advantage of group fares and special pricing for meeting, conference and incentive travel. Enjoy several key benefits, such as discounts for both premium and economy cabins, and improved seating allocations allowing all attendees to sit together. 

In addition, American Airlines’ Group & Meeting Travel program offers you more flexibility overall. Block Fares provide guaranteed fares and allows your group to hold space up to 11 months in advance. Zone Fares guarantee fares from various geographical zones of departure, and meeting and conference discounts that accommodates large groups traveling for business meetings, conferences and tradeshows. 

It is time to host your next meeting or event in Athens. 

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Insider insights


                            Ian Cummings

Ian Cummings, VP of CWT Meetings & Events EMEA:

“Athens may have dropped off the map for a short period, but it is cropping up more as an “in-Vogue” destination once again. It makes for the perfect incentive hotspot with extensive luxe activities such as boat trips to secluded Aegina island on a RIB boat or having a conference with additional leisure time attached. After all, in Greece you are never far from water.

I recently revisited Athens, and the number of quality hotels has increased over the years, including the latest addition, Four Seasons Astir Palace. They meticulously renovated the property, filled with amazing meetings, conferences, and incentive facilities. The central location makes it easy to visit all the world-renowned attractions, including The Acropolis, and the nightlife in Glyfada. Above all, the food scene in Athens is outstanding, with top-tier restaurants such as NOLAN, serving fresh fish, mezes, salads, and mouth-watering baklavas. ."

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