Welcome to 'The Mother City'

If you want to reward your employees for their great effort in reaching a great milestone or if you want to inspire for change and collaboration, then we can offer you an amazing six days trips to Cape Town, South Africa.


The city of Cape Town also goes by the name 'The Mother City' (afrikaans: moederstad).

It is known for its relaxing atmosphere and festive night life. The locals always find a good reason to party, which Cape Town's rich selection of restaurants, bars and night clubs perfectly illustrate.


The city's perhaps most famous landmark is the Table Mountain, which is an incredible background setting for Cape Town. The name of the mountain comes from its flat top 1.086 meters above sea level. You can take the cable car  from the bottom of the mountain to the top from where you can be impressed by the unforgettable view - and on clear days you can see all the way to Cape of Good Hope!

Proposed program

This proposal is a draft of how the program could look like. We are happy to talk to you about how you would like your program to be.


    Day 1 - Evening departure with plane via London/Frankfurt/Amsterdam
    Day 2 - Arrival | Helicopter ride | Harley Davidsson & Ribcats | Dinner at Grand Café
    Day 3 - Surfing school & beach walk to Shimmys Beach Club | Dinner at Belunga
    Day 4 - White shark safari | Lunch at Robert Stanford Estate | Dinner at Bistrot Bizercas
    Day 5 - Study trip to the success firm, Yuppiechef | Lunch | Return trip
    Day 6 - Arrival at noon



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