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Inspirational event for a global cosmetics brand

Case Study


Industry: Retail

Service: Business Convention

Location: Puglia, Italy



The objectives were to celebrate the results of the previous year while rewarding the best performances and launching the strategy for the following year.

The cosmetics brand wanted to bring fresh and stimulating messages that showcased the most important news within the market.


Sephora is one of the biggest distribution chains for beauty products in Europe. They required a location that reflected their size and exclusivity and a creative event that would keep all their participants engaged.


A search was underway for a location that reflected the exclusivity of the brand and wowed the guests, in this case, it was Puglia, Italy. We ensured all the planning and management of guest’s transportation were taken care of, especially as all the attendees were arriving from all over Italy, including single transfers.

We paid special attention to detail and customization with the guests in mind. We hosted a dinner with cabaret entertainment and live DJ set. Music was a key part of the experience as we also integrated a communication project and a musical team to create a Sephora hymn.

A logistics coordinator was present to manage the flow of people in and out of the event too. 


As a result of our efforts, we executed a successful event which had enthusiastic participation from guests with extremely positive feedback an ‘enriched team spirit’. We were proud of our work for Sephora - a dynamic, highly recognizable organization. There was also a consolidation of the relationship between the store manager and the principal brands sold in the store, which meant our client was really satisfied with the event.

Quick facts

  • 210 participants from all around Italy
  • Extremely positive feedback
  • Personalized ateliers creating stronger relationships



"It will be hard to beat this next year.”
Sephora’s Event Manager

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