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Recognizing Performance in a Pandemic

Case Study

Industry: Chemical & Consumer Goods

Service: Virtual Event to Engage Top Performers

Location: Germany/Virtual

The Challenge

Back in 2019, CWT Meetings & Events had already begun planning an event for a global chemical and consumer goods customer event for May 2020 by contracting a venue in Lisbon for an extended weekend of festivities. The event was in flux for a number of months with the unknowns of the pandemic until CWT consulted with the client in July to commit to a virtual event in October.

When they had to turn the event into a virtual one, CWT Meetings & Events was challenged to create an unforgettable program that properly conveyed gratitude and appreciation for their top performers' efforts.


CWT M&E built a creative communication strategy that focused on building and sustaining excitement, including:

  • Save the date email
  • Invitation email with embedded video from the senior leader
  • Pre-event branded box sent to homes shortly before the event with a luxury gift, detailed event booklet and gourmet treats for a virtual “coffee break”
  • Post-event email with a wrap-up highlight video

We fully customized the virtual platform to the client’s brand and event logo within a 3D-degree experience, including: virtual networking lounge, plenary space for presentations and rooms for team-building/networking. Our creative designer even highlighted attendees with their images creatively included in the virtual décor. All speakers were live at the client headquarters with a green screen streaming speakers into the virtual platform. CWT M&E staff along with the client’s production partner managed all aspects on-site.

We created and followed COVID-19 protocols without exception, including a maximum of three speakers on stage at one time and each speaker assigned their own microphone. Moving speakers in and out of the green screen room took strategic coordination to ensure safety protocols were followed with masks in place when not speaking and social distance maintained.

Memorable moments included:

  • Keynote speech from the first German to free dive with a shark after a shoulder injury left him bed-bound for nearly a year. His presentation engaged the attendees on risk management, which is a large client focus.
  • Team-building escape game, "Beat the Hacker”, commenced with a video from the senior leader sitting in front of a laptop that keeps malfunctioning. He communicates an ominous message—“We’ve been hacked”; company data will be released unless all tasks are solved within 45 minutes. The winning team was announced on screen to virtual confetti and a bonus gift.
  • Recipient of the top President’s Award recognized on-screen by the senior leader with presentation of a luxury gift. Virtual confetti flew on screen once more to bring the event to a close.


The CWT M&E Team was recognized by key stakeholders and senior leadership for their creative and agile mindset to transform the clients' event onto a virtual platform. The event achieved cost savings of approximately 30% and a Net Promoter Score of 61% when attendees were asked if they would “recommend the incentive event to a friend or colleague”. We also negotiated with the contracted venue to secure waived cancellation penalties with a future re-booking at that property. Our virtual success strenghtened/reinforced the relationship with the client. We have recently been granted the organisation of their 2021 incentive travel program that will also be turned into a virtual event.

Attendee comments

  • “Absolutely everything was great, including the interactive format and speakers - it's nice to feel part of such a large and creative team” 
  • “It was very interesting to do this event in a virtual way. This shows me know how to adapt to the present situation.”
  • “It was absolutely high-tech and innovative.”
  • “Feel a part of the best company talents.” 
  • “The Guest Speaker and Networking Competition were great as well as the very personal introduction of employees”

Quick Facts:

  • Success secured event for 4th straight year
  • 30% cost savings
  • 61% Net Promoter Score

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