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Enabled staff booking of their own meetings in a fully controlled environment

Success story - snapshot

Industry: Global Lifestyle Company

Service: CWT easy meetings

Location: Nordics and Netherlands

Event facts:

  • Built a digital platform to centralize meeting requests and direct them towards preferred venues
  • Consolidated transactions and payment flow to achieve efficiency and full compliance


  • Client required a solution to manage small meeting bookings in the Nordics and the Netherlands
  • Deliver a more direct booking process to every employee, allowing them to find and book venues in a controlled environment
  • Need to upload contracted venues and rates, direct users towards them
  • Required a cost conscious and scalable solution to ensure compliance in all transactions
  • Ability needed to easily select Offline or Online transaction


  • Built a digital interface where users could either: book a meeting room in CWT easy meetings OR send a meeting support request to the local CWT teams
  • All clients own contracted venues were uploaded and labeled with preferred status to appear at the top of new searches
  • Interface directly integrated in the client’s intranet
  • Built an automated payment structure with virtual cards solution
  • Created a checkout area with cost center steering and “reason for booking” codes


  • Venues fully supportive of the client’s decision to use CWT easy meetings as their preferred booking channel
  • 100% automated payment process with Airplus virtual cards
  • Platform praised by client’s teams for its great user-experience
  • Gained more visibility on spend, achieved 100% compliance in all bookings and gained more control over their budget from previous in-person event

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