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Annual leadership conference for a technology client

Case Study


Industry: High tech

Service: Annual four day worldwide sales leadership conference

Location: San Jose, California


The objective was to create a conference with end-to-end management including web development, registration, venue management, and staffing & vendor relationships. The event was hosting around 6,000 global attendees with six million dollars spend including hotel rooms and an annual four day ‘Worldwide Sales Leadership’ conference.


With multiple hotels and 6,000 global attendees to manage, the client required optimal end-to-end conference management and on-site staff to make sure the execution was flawless.


To tackle the challenge at hand, a dedicated project lead was assigned who was responsible for the entire project team and was aligned with the client project manager/business owner. Meeting planners were also brought in during key milestones to support the project manager.

An engaged registration manager was assigned to handle the website, communication with the client and attendee communications with additional team members being added at key milestones. We used five on-site staff members during the conference with an additional 15 of the client’s staff members working as one team to deliver an excellent attendee experience.

The process on-site was fully automated using the confirmation number provided to the attendees upon registration and we worked hand-in-hand with the client to understand their goals and objectives for each conference.


As a result, attendees left the conference having gained the knowledge needed from the educational sessions attended. Attendees were re-engaged into company culture through networking opportunities and collaborative breakout sessions.

Every year we work closely with the client to design a conference around a new goal that is created to foster maximum employee engagement and attendee satisfaction.  We embrace these goals, placing ourselves in the shoes of the attendees, and turns them into extraordinary experiences.


Quick facts

  • $6M budget
  • 6,000 global attendees managed over four days
  • Returning client


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