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A Thousand and One Nights trip to the United Arab Emirates

Case Study


Industry: Oil and Gas

Service: End to end management of an incentive trip for TOTAL clients

Location: United Arab Emirates


Oil company TOTAL requested an incentive trip for the best licensees repair garages of a renowned French car dealer, to an exotic destination.

The objective was to create an incentive trip, to create memories to last a lifetime. Inspiring and congratulating their top performers throughout France was the main objective, providing them with lots of fun and sun. The trip included a range of exhilarating activities and “capture the moment” opportunities for attendees and their guests, including an assortment of special ventures to enjoy during their leisure time.


Finding the right host destination sets the scene of an exciting incentive trip. TOTAL proposed two preferred options of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, where anything can happen with a given budget.

Once the destination was decided, the CWT M&E team set to work, to create an itinerary like never before, ready to take all their attendees breath away as soon as they stepped off the plane. The team curated a specific to ensure communications and management was made simple of the attendees, allowing them to concentrate on preparing for their once in a lifetime trip.


As a part of the adventure, the team selected a few “must-see” spots for attendees to cover, including a trip to the world-renowned white marble Sheikh Zayed Mosque, known for its more than a thousand columns and vibrant and delicate interiors. In addition to an internationally famous Louvre Museum with artwork from famous artists across the world. The opportunity allowed the creative attendees to get up close and person with hand-painted artistry. A moment they wouldn’t forget!

A visit to Ferrari World theme park allowed speed enthusiasts to get on its iconic roller coaster, the Fiorano GT Challenge, and visit the exhibition of historic and racing cars were part of the program. However, the golden sand dunes of the Dubai dessert stole the show, especially with it’s soft like cotton texture, kilometers of spectacular shaped landscape and the opportunity to witness a golden apricot sunset across the horizon. Ending the day with dinner and party in a Bedouin camp, in true Middle Eastern style.

Attendees got the opportunity to experience a spectacular show, created by the founder of the iconic cabaret. It surprises even those who think they have seen it all. The stage was a large swimming pool with more than two million liters of water. During the performance, the pool filled and emptied several times in a few seconds, according to the needs of the stage. The most advanced technology and engineering work was required for the artists and acrobats performing, leaving the group breathless throughout.

With all the excursions and activities meticulously scheduled, a spectacular sandstorm broke into the city on the day the group were supposed to experience Dubai at height in hydroplanes. However, CWT M&E arranged an alternative activity in record time.

TOTAL gave a very high rating for the responsiveness and decisiveness shown by the CWT Meetings & Events team, because the team were able to offer an alternative activity adapted to the variety of profiles and tastes of the guests.

CWT M&E offered a registration website to manage the trip and provided information in advance. It was the first time TOTAL had used such an advanced tool to facilitate travel information, the registration of participants, and the collection of data from guests. The benefits meant the volume of formalities, calls and e-mails received and managed by the team were significantly reduced.
Thanks to the website, travelers could resort to a reliable source of information to resolve any issues they might have. Given the traditional profile of some guests, not all communication was focused on the online platform. Those who wanted special assistance or preferred personal attention were able to directly contact TOTAL and CWT Meetings & Events staff.

The satisfaction and well-being of the participants were priorities for both companies. Given the unique characteristics of the hotel chosen for the accommodation, whose reception is on the 30th floor, CWT M&E set up three hospitality counters at the key points of the hotel during the entire trip, with permanent information and assistance from the group's accompanying staff.

The results of these efforts were noted in the final assessment questionnaire. The organization of the trip, the great service received and the speed in solving incidents were the most valued aspects of the trip. Not forgetting the wide variety of activities, the choice of spectacular hotels and the high quality restaurants.


  • Participants had a positive experience due to a registration site with information about the destination, timings and activities.
  • CWT M&E managed to solve unforeseen problems and make the best out of situation for the participants.
  • TOTAL was impressed with CWT M&E performance and agility in organizing such show stopping events.

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