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Case Study


Industry: Consumer food

Service: Coordinate air, rail and car transportation for 4,600 people to an annual conference

Location: Orlando


CWT Meetings & Events collaborated with a popular consumer food company to provide a full transportation service to their annual owner/ operator conference taking place in Orlando. The event was for all franchise owners and corporate employees in affiliated organizations.

The requirements:

  • An end-to-end meetings and events agency that had the resources to provide a well-organized attendee experience
  • The flexibility to accommodate individual attendee requirements, including extended stays or additional activities
  • Budgets to remain aligned to the overall program
  • An open, service-minded culture


The client had strong alignment with a preferred key airline supplier that gives those that book directly with them preferential features. We therefore had to construct a process that they would be our first point of call rather than our own list of preferred suppliers, even when operating out of the meeting parameters.

We also had to ensure that our travel services would be compatible with their other agency logistics provider.


Using our knowledge and processes, as well as assigning appropriate staffing resulted in a significant reduction in turnaround times. Taking a confident and helpful approach with each booking ensured attendees experienced a positive journey to and from the event, including exceptional management both onsite and for chartered deployments at the airports. We developed a successful program by:

  • Providing a dedicated team for the event
  • Ensuring the design of our program remained cost contained: 
    • Utilized booking team knowledge in block and charter management and provided individual traveler bookings and block space bookings for cities that had a larger number of attendees.
    • Managed seven charter aircraft outbound and inbound from the client’s preferred airline partner between their main headquarters’ city and Orlando.
    • Used the preferred supplier where possible to remain compliant with their travel requirements, which resulted in further cost containment.
  • Aligned our technology with their logistics company to ensure our services were compatible to mitigate potential complexities.


Embodying their own company culture and values with our service and delivering an efficient and cost-effective service meant that our contract was renewed. This showed how our services, and therefore partnerships, remain adaptable and proactive in the ever-changing industry.

  • Exceeded pre-agreed SLAs on turnaround time
  • Delivered services at a lower cost compared to the previous TMC and came in under forecasted budget
  • Seamless and effortless attendee experience
  • Excellent feedback on the dedicated CWT M&E team accommodating to individual attendee needs, mirroring personalized customer service that the client’s restaurants are well-known for

Quick facts

  • $3m. budget
  • 4600 attendees
  • Air, rail and car transportation from different locations


“The CWT Group Air team handled each traveler and each unique situation with the utmost professionalism. It was a pleasure to work with CWT and our attendees were very satisfied.”

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