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Integrating technology for a personalized event experience

Case Study


Industry: Pharmaceutical

Service: National sales meeting debut of mobile event app

Location: Florida, USA


A multi-national pharmaceutical company that has worked with CWT Meetings & Events since 2011 wanted to introduce a mobile app to its national sales meeting, being held in Florida in January 2020.

The client wanted a seamless integration between its registration site and a mobile event app, ensuring a high level of personalization for the 450 attendees, who each had their own bespoke agenda.

The aim was to create a paperless experience for attendees pre and during the event, allowing them to access their personalized agenda via the app, as well as detailed information relating to the venue, accommodation, and travel. This is to ensure first-time attendees and those unfamiliar with the destination had a single touchpoint in the palm of their hand.


As each of the 450 attendees had their own personalized schedule for the four-day national sales event, ranging from plenary sessions to workshops and one-to-one meetings, it was critical to get buy-in from the participants to ensure its success and meet the client’s requirements.

With a short lead time of three days, CWT Meetings & Events’ Web & Attendee Management Operations team had to focus all its efforts on creating the streamlined solution needed.


CWT Meetings & Events created a customized mobile event app using CrowdCompass technology from Cvent.

Attendee information gathered from the event’s web registration site was used to initially pre-populate the app, with the participants sent an email link to download the app before the start of the sales meeting.

The app configured the event’s 609 possible sessions to ensure each attendee received their personalized agenda, and information about travel to the meeting, a map of the multiple floors of the venue and their accommodation.

Onsite name-badge printing and check-in were integrated to the registration website using Cvent’s OnArrival Platform, with attendees automatically marked as attended in the reporting once they checked in at a dedicated kiosk.

Marco Ogsimer, Manager, Web & Attendee Management Operations for CWT Meetings & Events, oversaw the smooth running of the app rollout during the four-day event, ensuring attendees were confident using the technology, while support staff were on hand to troubleshoot for anyone needing assistance.


The meeting received overwhelmingly positive satisfaction survey results, with the pharma client confirming plans to use the same technology for its next summit the following month.

By integrating the registration site with the mobile event app, attendees received a more seamless experience, and the client was able to meet its objective of providing a personalized, simple-to-use schedule for each participant.

The post-event survey on the app gave an average 4.2 on a 5 rating scale, while the “easy and seamless process of check-in and name badge printing” was given a 4.8 rating. Marco Ogsimer said: “Attendee feedback said the app was easy to download, and easy for them to use to get around.”

Quick facts

  • Post event survey on the app gave an average 4.2 on a 5 rating scale
  • Overwhelmingly positive feedback
  • Client confirmed plans to work with CWT Meetings & Events again

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