Twenty venues across France

Tech solutions and software firm

With defined objectives and a clear target audience in mind this technology client needed an experienced agency that could handle the complex logistical needs of a nationwide, 20-venue roadshow.

The objectives

A worldwide leader in software, services, devices and solutions engaged CWT Meetings & Events to design and organize a roadshow adaptable to more than 20 locations throughout France. The tech giant wanted to highlight its full range of content to key academic personnel and attract potential end users in addition to decision-makers.


The solution


Collaborating with France’s Ministry of Education, CWT Meetings & Events sourced more than 20 venues within the academic domain for the roadshow. For the technical workshops, exhibition and conference, the team created innovative, adaptable three-part information booths. Rather impressively, everything fit into one cargo truck that transported it nationwide.

CWT Meetings & Events
handled all event promotions, logistics, registration processes, graphic design and event-specific websites and even secured a former French prime minister to attend.




The results


CWT Meetings & Events delivered on its promises with an innovative and versatile solution. As well as managing the roadshow’s complex logistics, CWT Meetings & Events provided superior reporting and communication, further strengthening the relationship with the client.

The corporate events manager and stakeholders felt confident they’d chosen the right agency because the event achieved their objectives. Attracting 2,000 total attendees, the roadshow successfully promoted the technology leader’s assets to a key target audience. The client went on to renew the event commitment for the following year.




INDUSTRY: Technology: software, services, devices and solutions


SERVICE: Roadshow

EVENT BUDGET: Undisclosed 



  • Managed complex roadshow logistics to perfection
  • Promoted the company’s assets to a key target audience   
  • Created innovative booths that adapted to different venues
  • Strengthened client relationship through superior reporting and communication


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