A royal-inspired Danube River cruise



Entertaining 2,500 employees and partners and treating them like royalty formed the basis of our client’s requirements and so we looked to a royal cult-like figure to provide our inspiration.


The objectives

A global insurance and financial management company needed an incentive trip for 2,500 European employees and partners. It wanted to bring the guests together with a mix of cultural and leisure activities, while also renewing their engagement in the company and showing them a great time. 

The solution


Due to the practical nature of the insurance world, CWT Meetings & Events wanted guests to travel carefree, while the events team handled the practicalities.

19th-century Empress Elisabeth “Sisi” of Austria was the perfect muse and inspired a Danube River cruise that was fit for a queen.

The trip also included a private dinner, a visit to the esteemed Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien and a spectacular gala.

Spanish-speaking guides and entertainers ensured guests felt at home.




The results


Judging by the feedback received, attendees loved the cruise. The Spanish-speaking guides and entertainers contributed significantly to the trip’s success. Moreover, the client’s event manager praised the team’s superb cruise logistics as well as the careful, creative organization that resulted in an unrivaled gala dinner.

With the royal-inspired Danube River cruise, CWT Meetings & Events exceeded the client’s creative expectations and the insurer concluded that it had achieved its goals of showing employees and partners an amazing time, increasing engagement and providing an excellent return on its investment.













  • 愉悦难忘的19世纪皇家之旅
  • 重塑企业与会人员的参与度
  • 为客户提供可见的投资回报
  • 超越客户对活动统筹与创新概念的期望