Types of events


Fun & memorable



Are you looking to motivate and reward your best people?

You need to think about where you’ll go and what you’ll do. Will you incorporate some work or will it all be leisure time? What is the right balance between physical and mental activities? Do you want activities at all?


CWT Meetings & Events runs incentive trips all over the world all the time, so use our experience for your benefit. Together, we’ll make sure your employees have an exceptional and memorable time.



Conventions & Conferences

Creative & impactful




We believe events are fundamentally about providing the right forum for discussion, collaboration, learning, training and networking.


You need the right venue and the right format for your audience. And who is that audience? You need to make sure they attend. You can rely on CWT Meetings & Events to come up with great ideas to help create the perfect environment. You can also trust us to look after all the logistics, so your training, conventions and conferences run smoothly.



Reach & engage


Are you addressing customers or your staff? Or is it investors? Or perhaps someone else altogether? Whoever it is, roadshows and tradeshows are your opportunity to shine. It’s also important that whatever you’re presenting, whoever you’re engaging, you need to show the return on your event.


You already have great products or services. Our job is to help you come up with the right ideas to launch and sell them. To take your audience on a journey and create a unique experience to enjoy.


At CWT Meetings & Events, we go further than that. We look after all the design, construction and logistics to create this. We’ll make sure everything runs smoothly. It means you can concentrate on connecting with and engaging your audience effectively.




Marketing Events

Promote & sell




Marketing events are about showcasing your brand. They’re about putting you in the best possible position to attract your target audience. It comes from your deep understanding of what you’re selling and who you’re selling it to. It also comes from knowing what works and how to run a successful event. And that is where CWT Meetings & Events excels.


Creating and running successful events is what we do every day. We’ll make sure you hit your business objectives within budget. And with the right people. Don’t just take our word for it. 

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