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2020 Future trends in meetings and events

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What are the hottest topics in this edition?

Are you ready for the inside scoop on meetings and events for 2020? The CWT Meetings & Events trends report is filled with all the latest news! Stay ahead of the curve, and stand out above the rest with these key insights.


Innovation and creativity are taking to the market like a storm, reshaping the way we deliver meetings and events. Technology is advancing at lightning speed with artificial intelligence and machine learning, creating an innovative and creative space in the meetings industry.

Engage your attendees like never before, and keep up with the demands of the ever-growing market of influential millennials. While, automation drives better ROI evaluation for event organizations, providing real-time data and deep insight to assess attendee experience and overall engagement.

25-30 percent of marketing budgets spent on live events

New York, Sao Paulo, London, Shanghai are the hottest destinations to host

Air prices - 1.2 percent increase globally in USD

75 percent of Generation Z book their travels on a mobile device

The rise of digitalization - 52 percent increase on event websites created

Hotel prices - 1.3 percent increase globally in USD

48 percent of itineraries are revised due to security threats

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