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Evolving Mature Meetings Program into Total Meetings Management

Success story - snapshot

Industry: Healthcare

Service: Total Meetings Management (TMM)



  • Integrated total meetings and events program within overarching governance
  • Designed custom infrastructure to gain visibility into spend within non-mandated environment
  • Initial 80% compliance increased through extensive stakeholder engagement


  • Large global client had reached maturity with their Strategic Meetings Management program, yet still missed critical cost and quality control elements in M&E process.
  • Client needed more visibility into total spend as internal planners and other external agencies not using central technology.
  • Non-mandated environment provided opportunity for leakage and lack of oversight and governance.
  • Challenges with compliance largely due to influx of client’s acquisitions with loyalty to legacy agencies, processes, technologies, etc.


  • As lead agency, CWT M&E remains agnostic to provide expertise and guidance on client’s entire ecosystem of preferred suppliers to drive adoption.
  • Implemented dedicated role to educate newly acquired stakeholders on importance of a managed program, allowing program managers to focus on service to existing customers.
  • Socialized production and A/V partners to events community and utilized total event data, including virtual, to provide technology reseller services.
  • Provided gap awareness around resisters in certain divisions; as CWT M&E is their sole sourcing provider, our reports provide critical data to advise on potential lost savings and spend.


  • 80% compliance increase in first 6 months through extensive stakeholder engagement.
  • 20% leakage to non-preferred suppliers being reduced by CWT socializing all M&E suppliers and recognized as overall M&E subject matter expert.
  • Achieved mastery level of maturity by encompassing totality of meetings and events through unique stakeholder education and advocacy and advancement of policy and governance.
  • Collected data from other agency providers ensure visibility of total spend.
  • Client is thrilled with program success and focused on elevating, simplifying and adapting additional TMM concepts.

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