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Navigating the deep waters of controlled budgets and compliance with CWT easy meetings

Success story - snapshot

Industry: Global Cargo & Shipping

Service: CWT easy meetings

Location: Nordics, Central Europe, APAC & Latam

Event facts:

  • Built a digital platform to centralize meeting requests
  • Consolidated untracked transactions to achieve efficiency and full compliance


  • Client operates in 24 countries around the world
  • Lacks visibility and data on meetings activity and wants more control over non-managed spend
  • Looking for a cost conscious and scalable solution to ensure compliance in all transactions
  • Requires a streamlined solution to be implemented first in the Nordics and then globally


  • Built a digital interface where users could either: book a meeting room in CWT easy meetings OR send a meeting support request to the local CWT teams
  • Interface directly integrated in the client’s intranet
  • Set up account tracking tools within the system to see activity by user group and allow supervisors to view and approve each booking
  • Covered different countries in their local language


  • Platform praised by client’s teams for its great user-experience
  • Users spent considerably less time on booking venues
  • Client realized they had a lot more small meetings activity than expected
  • Gained more visibility on spend, achieved 100% compliance in all bookings and gained more control over their budget
  • Client decided to expand to more markets and more regions around the world from previous in-person event

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