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CWT M&E - Morroco




60, 62 Rue Jilali Oreibi
20 000 Casablanca

Phone: +212 522 20 30 51

Morocco is investing heavily in a range of public works to boost tourism, Casablanca now is becoming one of the largest, the liveliest and the most popular destinations for corporate meetings and business events in Africa. CWT M&E Morocco is offering a variety of solutions and proposals to help clients organizing and producing the best and most memorable events, with the optimal value to spend. Enhancing the attendee experience at the right cost is our main focus.



M&E Manager
In the company since 2013

"One of the benefits of my job is assisting clients to bring their vision to life, but also enjoying it too. I believe that our responsibility is to fully understand our clients’ needs by putting them at the center of everything we do and do what it takes to deliver the unforgettable experience. We are continuously learning, and it takes a lot of inspiration and imagination to try new ideas to excite our clients."

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