2019 Meetings & Events Trends Report:
Keeping Things Current

Why do I need it?

CWT Meetings & Events have consolidated a global trends report that provides insights for 2019. Get ahead with these key trends within the industry. It’s time to start planning meetings and events for 2019 with great confidence!

What can I expect to be included?

The 2019 Meetings & Events trends report will be filled with many useful, innovative tips and trends that will influence the meetings and events market. Here is a snippet of what is included:

  • THE BIG EVENT/ Surging demand: a global overview
    Find out what is taking the meetings and events market by a storm in 2019. 

  • DATA DRIVEN / Regional insight: Forecast by the data
    Filled with up-coming and unique destinations, the leading cities for meetings and events.

  • ALONG FOR THE RIDE / An evolution of group transportation
    Learn about innovative and trendy ways to take transport to the next level for meetings or events.

  • CREATIVITY IS KING / Unique venues are gaining huge traction in 2019
    Learn how picking a different kind of venue could take your meeting or event to new heights.

  • HOW TO DISRUPT A MEETING / The leading tech trends for 2019
    Find out how technology will impact future meetings and events; from virtual reality through to bots. 

  • PEOPLE POWER / Trends in attendee experience
    Giving attendees that ‘wow’ factor takes a lot of time and creativity. Discover how you can make a meeting or event one to remember!

  • LASER FOCUS: The future of Strategic Meetings Management
    How to forecast your spend and get the best ROI using an SMM program. 

  • Safety/Security (Safeguarding 2019 – addressing the safety concerns of the future) and GDPR (the global gold standard): Future safety trends and GDPR compliancy of attendees are important, but what are the best practices? The trends report shares insider tips on the most straightforward methods to prevent any mishaps in 2019.

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