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Strategic Meetings Management

Visibility, savings, and returns with SMM

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Nearly 80 per cent of companies value strategic meetings management (SMM) as a high priority to help achieve their business objectives. The reality is that within each company, with a variety of personnel and tasks that exist, data is often scattered and incomplete and existing contracting and payment practices are not well managed.

Everyday tasks such as planning meetings, sourcing venues, managing suppliers and signing contracts need to be streamlined. Strategic meetings management programmes streamline these tasks, support supplier negotiations and lower risk.

With the help of SMM, you can get better visibility on your spend while reducing costs and approaching meetings management in a strategic way. We also provide up to date technology that advances our offering to you, extracting the relevant data to showcase savings and ROI.

What we offer

Our current clients have seen significant success, regionally and globally, from our strategic meetings management services and strategies. We are challenging the market to bring you experienced professionals to support your programme. We curate customised programmes that are specific to your needs but also have operational standards that will drive overall programme adoption and compliance.

Additionally, we provide a range of support and consulting services, including:

  • Account management
  • Compliance administration
  • Meeting planning
  • Budgeting
  • Website design
  • Advanced technology

We have the capacity and expertise to manage our clients’ SMM strategies at local and a truly global level. After all, we are the first global supply chain for the meetings and events industry with over 1,400 meeting and event specialists in 68 countries.

The benefits of SMM

  • 10-25% average negotiated savings
  • Clients have saved over $730 million in the last five years
  • Time and resource savings through driving efficiencies
  • Systematic approach, reducing confusion
  • Mitigated risk across contracting and payment practices
  • Quality customer care and commitment to responsible business
  • Simplicity through a lead agency model

Bringing business rigor to optimise your investment in meetings and events

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