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Providing solutions to seamlessly plan and execute your next meeting or event

We are here to help you manage your meeting and event needs. With service excellence, strategy development, and technology, we can change the way you see and manage your meeting and events. It is also our mission to make things simpler and more cost-effective for you.

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Strategic Meetings Management

Strategic meetings management, also known as SMM, helps you gain control, realise savings, and positively impact your business through meetings & events. In addition, you can expect improved engagement and attendee experience.


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Group Travel Portfolio

Make travel your business. Getting your attendees to and from an event safely is important. Our most common request for group travel is air services, but we also have an extensive travel portfolio such as rail services, group transfers, shuttles and individual car transport. We have the wheels to get your attendees around the world on time, whether it be for an event, conference or another professional service.

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Learn more about venue sourcing

Venue Sourcing

Choosing a venue for your event, conference or meeting is important. Venues are more than just a building to host a meeting – they should represent your brand and unique meeting objectives. We have a global team made up of local venue sourcing experts backed by an amazing toolset to assist you with all your venue needs. You will not be without the perfect venue ever again.

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Fid out more about Digital engagement

Digital Engagement

Digital engagement is about finding that perfect mix of human expertise and technology to help you reach your meeting objectives. We help you reach your attendees, wherever they are. With mobile and online solutions, you can elevate your meeting or event, from planning to post-event analysis. It is time to get the buzz going around your next meeting or event!

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Read more about Attendee management

Attendee Management

Engaging your attendees prior, during and post-event is the foundation of amazing event delivery. It is about more than just getting the invitations right and welcoming guests with a smile, it is about giving them a seamless experience from start to finish. We are here with the right strategies, creative ideas and tools to get you started.

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Get more with one CWT! We are bridging the current disconnect, providing a straight forward experience for both your attendees and travellers across business travel and meetings & events. The benefit of change? You get the best of both worlds in one, with great satisfaction and vast savings too.

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