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Attendee management

Seamless attendee experience, from the first contact to a lasting impression

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Engaging attendees, before, during and after

To ensure success, you need every aspect of your event to run like clockwork behind the scenes - ticking along perfectly for your attendees. They are, after all, the ultimate consumer of your events.

We provide everything you need to meet and exceed their expectations. That includes user-friendly online registration, engaging online and mobile interaction, along with comprehensive data analysis.

We know, at the end of the day, your event means nothing without the people who attend it. That is why we invest in solutions that make attendee management a piece of cake.

Moving forward digitally

Comprehensive digital solutions for simple processes

You need technology that connects all the moving pieces to keep your logistics and production running smoothly.

We provide user-friendly online registration that can be customised to your website and manages attendee preferences, payment, and other details. We make sure you have the technology solutions you need to join all the dots perfectly.

…Because we know when dealing with the complexity of an event; you need technology that works.

We help keep you ahead of the industry trends

The rise of "festivalisation" – designing an immersive business event that echoes some of the best parts of a consumer festival – means more focus on curation of sessions, social media activity and innovative workshops, visuals, and venue design.

“The next few years will be about being open to innovative conference formats and use of new technology to deliver a different experience – it is about being bold and daring to be different.” – Paul Stoddart, Managing Director UK, Ireland and Benelux, CWT Meetings & Events.

Digitally delivering a unique attendee experience

Keeping in touch with attendees throughout the life cycle of your event is crucial. Not only does it keep them engaged, but it also helps you track the experience you are delivering, and gain valuable insights.

By tracking attendees through embedding barcodes or QR codes, creating mobile apps with personalised communications tools, and providing access to feedback during and after events, you will gain more insights on your attendees and improve your meeting intelligence.

our magic touch brings it together

Compliance: The bedrock to greater transparency

A great event involves alchemy; elements coming together to create meetings bound by a sprinkle of magic. But, none of this matters if you don’t build it on solid ground. We use attendee management software to build accurate reporting and spend data supporting regulatory compliance.

Bringing you a new limitless era to meetings and events

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