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Bridging the gap between business travel and meetings & events

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A seamless experience for attendees and travellers

It is easy to forget that a business traveller is also a meeting attendee. When you are trying to enhance the overall experience of a traveller, it is important to capture the reality that many of their trips are to attend meetings.  That individual wants and expects to have an engaging seamless experience from booking to final goodbyes regardless of the trip purpose.

Together, we can create a unique, straightforward experience for your employees, every step of the way.

The disconnect

The reality for most companies is the booking experience for a traveller is drastically different to that of a meeting attendee. This results in a large disconnect in employee experience, with multiple booking processes, different types of technology and itineraries too. This can be overwhelming for your employee and prevents them from fully engaging in the entire experience.

Bringing it together

Creating a connected employee experience improves every aspect of travel and events. By uniting together a consolidated strategy for both business travel and meeting & events, we are creating an end-to-end and well-connected experience for your employees as we deliver incremental benefits to both the travel buyer and meeting owner.

The benefit of combining

By combining two into one, we deliver a simple and connected experience and our ‘One CWT’ clients have experienced the following wins:

  • Programme adoption across business travel and events topping 90%
  • Extended safety and security from start to finish in 68 countries
  • Increased attendee and traveller satisfaction to 4.8 out of 5.0 (based on client's employee surveys)
  • 13-20% overall savings with an average of 19.3%

…and that is just the beginning!

Bringing you a new limitless era to meetings and events

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