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Virtual and Hybrid Events

Not sure how to achieve real success in the virtual world? We can help.

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The time to go virtual is now

Virtual and hybrid events are here to stay. They represent the present and the future and are constantly evolving. If you haven’t already, you should be integrating virtual and hybrid into your program to complement face-to-face events. Because we are humans, and humans love the choice to connect in every way!

So what is a virtual event?

A virtual event involves people interacting remotely online rather than meeting face-to-face at a physical location. For small team meetings or discussions, your company is likely to already have solutions in place. But there are times when you need to think bigger - when you need to showcase your brand, engage your audience, build excitement and drive business forward. Use our creativity and expertise to ensure your virtual events stand out!

Hybrid events – the best of both worlds

A hybrid event brings together the physical and virtual worlds, with some attendees joining in person and others joining remotely online. The benefits it delivers can be exponential. For example, because planning for hybrid means planning for live and virtual events to be run side-by-side, it builds in the ability to move some, or all, of your components to virtual if any disruption arises – and run your event no matter what.

That’s why we say when you go hybrid, 1+1=3!

The best of both worlds: how to organize impactful hybrid events

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When done right, combining virtual and in-person elements allows you to boost engagement and reach a wider audience. Learn how you can organize impactful hybrid events that deliver results for your business.

Why partner with CWT?

The global team of experts in our Hybrid & Virtual Centers of Excellence maximize the effectiveness of these types of event. From strategic program planning through to successful event delivery, we’ll support you every step of the way. Don’t worry about the detail, just focus on the benefits, as we help you: 

  • Harness the power of new technology
  • Win the hearts and minds of audiences
  • Make smarter, data-driven decisions
  • Use creativity to drive enhanced engagement
  • Focus on sustainability
  • Plan for contingency
  • Maximize ROI

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Hear it from our clients

“The strategic need to communicate cannot stop in any way, we have to adapt and reinvent ourselves and CWT has provided us with the tools and confidence to do so”

~ Attendee to virtual event

Pivoting National Sales Meeting to a Hybrid Event

Success story - Hybrid event

We developed a creative hybrid event to provide an opportunity for sales and leadership to collaborate and to inspire attendance for each audience type.

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Boosting morale with a green theme

Success story - Virtual & Sustainable Event

This 2-day virtual event reconnected colleagues and reinforced engagement with their employer, a pharma company. It concluded with a team building cookery class, uniting attendees through a shared passion - food. As a certified ISO 20121 Sustainable event it also aligned with company sustainability objectives.

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