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At CWT we believe the three C’s for delivering life sciences excellence is cost, customer, and compliance

The most important customer to our life sciences client is the health care provider. We offer health care provider experiences, proven cost savings initiatives, while maintaining operational excellence for strategic meetings management programmes and single events.

We have life sciences, pharmaceutical and healthcare experts in over 30 countries across the globe. Each of our experts has experience in local, regional and global level transparency reporting requirements, including Open Payments, the French Sunshine Act, and EFPIA. Strategic meetings management is critical for life science companies to practice to remain compliant with these regulations.

Managing the details of health care providers (HCP’s) spend through meetings and events can prove challenging to manage globally. We offer vast experience and services to assist with outsourcing and auditing this locally, regionally, and globally. As a result, mitigating risks, supporting HCP meetings and life sciences events is second nature to us.

How we compliment your meetings management strategy:

Our current clients have seen significant success, globally, from our strategic meetings management programme including the oversight and audit of all HCPs’ data, attendee management, and compliance lapses.

Providing the support you need

We are the differentiators in the market, bringing you experienced and dedicated life sciences professionals who have first-hand experience managing health care providers attending meetings and an understanding of requirements to support and ensure compliant meetings and events.

We curate personalised programmes that are specific to your company’s needs but also have operational standards, that will drive overall programme adoption. We also provide a range of consulting services, including account management, administration, meeting planning, budgeting, and registration site design and a menu of other services.

We have experienced personnel globally

We have the capacity and expertise to manage our clients’ SMM strategies at local, regional and global level. After all, we are the first global supply chain for the meetings and events industry with over 1,400 meeting and event specialists in 68 countries, including 68 wholly owned offices.

Our benefits

  • 10-25% average negotiated savings
  • Clients have saved over $730 million in the last five years
  • Saving time by not using internal resources – reducing administrative costs for managing health care providers spend activity
  • A systematic approach, reducing confusion
  • Simplicity – one agency worldwide
  • Easy step guide to SMM mastery with “start” consultancy available
  • Help mitigate risks for regulatory errors and fines
  • Improved attendee experience for health care providers

Bringing you a new limitless era to life sciences

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