Ms Curious

Official job title: Business Development Manager, Nordic M&E

Tiina has worked for CWT M&E going on five years. In her role she is responsible for the Nordic Supplier Management program and internal technology used by M&E project managers.


Tiina is excited about the Supplier Management program because it results in long term relationships and continuous improvement with key suppliers. This in turn enables our project managers to service our clients in a streamlined manner and provides them with solutions that have been tested for security, quality and service. The internal technology enhances our internal processes resulting in less time spent on repeated administrative tasks and more time on service, innovation and consultancy.


There is a shared feeling of “How can we do this better?” among the M&E community and this curiosity enables us to offer excellent solutions to our clients, regardless of the location and destination. Tiina is especially proud of the cooperation and sharing of best practices within the M&E community.