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Small meetings solution

CWT easy meetings: a direct booking platform for meeting rooms.

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CWT easy meetings is our direct-booking platform for small meetings. It is a consistent, secure, and customisable solution to help you find and book your next meeting rooms. Planning a meeting? Just head to the website, enter the city where you’ll be meeting, mention when and how many people are attending, and get access to a list of venues that are ready to be booked!

Instead of waiting a few days to hear back from venues with availability and a quote, you can now source and confirm the location of your next meetings in just a few minutes.

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The standard version is completely free to use and comes with a host of great functionalities:

  • Global content, with access to over 250,000 meeting rooms in more than 90 countries.
  • Book more than just rooms: include audiovisual equipment, F&B packages, additional rooms and more.
  • Global accessibility,  with 8 language options, all available on desktop and mobile.
  • Ease of payment, by allowing you to pay with any credit card, and to modify or cancel reservations after booking.

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Achieve more with a customised solution

Our customised version answers the needs of large companies looking to automate their meeting booking process while consolidating spend in one centralised hub.

  • Reduce time spent on all bookings with an easy to use tool for all teams.
  • Personalise the user experience with multiple creative branding options.
  • Optimise costs and compliance by capturing out of programme transactions.
  • Increase visibility and control by knowing exactly who is meeting, when and where.
  • Strengthen supplier relationships with full visibility of where your spend is actually going.

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Navigating the deep waters of controlled budgets and compliance.

Success story - CWT easy meetings

Client operating in 24 countries uses a scalable solution to deliver easy access to content, reduced booking times, boosted compliance and new insight to previously hidden expenditure.

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Enabling staff booking of their own meetings in a fully controlled environment.

Success story - CWT easy meetings

Client gains visibility and control of budget, with the great user experience and automated payment process contributing to 100% compliance.

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