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Case Study

Evolution to revolution: Transforming a mature SMM program


Industry: Major consumer technology provider

Service: Align the strategy for meetings & events to the overarching company

Location: Global


CWT Meetings & Events collaborated with a major consumer technology provider, taking their mature strategic meetings management program to the next level.  With a high adoption and customer satisfaction rates, they wanted to find a way to provide a consultative experience for their customers. Stakeholders felt planning services declined due to labor-intensive processes and the rigid policy.

The requirements of the transformation included interviewing key stakeholders and understanding the pain points of developing a successful SMM program. Also, keeping up with the constant changes, inspiring consumers, driving strategic value and reorganizing teams.


The client constantly grows in meeting volume and has a constant push for change. Therefore, they are looking for ways to be innovative.

CWT M&E had to get regular buy in from clients key stakeholders and partners to streamline their strategic meetings management strategy.


With the client’s requirements in mind, 95% adoption rate was achieved by using in-depth knowledge and processes and, assigning appropriate staff.

After landing the account in 2010, there were only eight people in operational roles to service the account. Therefore, a huge focus was on hiring the right talent and putting them in roles to succeed. In addition to the staffing model, there were further developments:

  • Central mechanisms to track cancellation credits
  • Adjustment of sourcing strategies and negotiations tactics
  • Strategically aligning with the client’s travel provider
  • Introducing a technology specialist

The development of these programs ensured high service quality, while:  

  • Conducting robust quarterly business reviews with the client, allowing stakeholders to see the value in what was being delivered.
  • Implementing an annual recognition program to showcase the ability to think more creatively and enhancing internal adoption of our programs. Especially by assigning internal brand ambassadors to tell their story.
  • We had a third party organization conduct an anonymous survey to interview all stakeholders and investigate their pain points which needed resolving.


Embodying the client’s company culture and values within CWT M&E service while continuing to deliver, resulted in the contract being renewed in 2016. It showcases the strong relationship we build side-by-side with a client, and the solid, measurable results CWT M&E delivered for them. They signed a six-year contract renewal and expanded the scope of services offered too.

  • Ability to drive SMM rigor while delivering amazing events
  • People (Training and culture)
  • A respectful challenger to drive strategic value

Quick facts

  • 24% average savings
  • 4.8 out of 5 customer satisfaction
  • Created key partnerships

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