Delegate management


Vehicle rental group works with CWT Meetings and Events to bring together premium and budget brand licensees at a blended conference in the Dominican Republic

The objectives

A leading vehicle rental provider was looking to shake up its annual conference for licensees in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). Previously the group ran two separate conferences for its premium and budget brands. It wanted to blend the events to create one harmonious conference, delivering efficiencies and cementing relationships.

CWT Meetings and Events had provided end-to-end management of the group’s annual conferences for EMEA licensees for several years, including successfully changing the format from separate events to a joint one. Following this, the group appointed CWT M&E to take up the reigns in LAC for the first time and create a blended, four-day conference for 150 delegates in June 2017.

The location of the conference changes each year, determined by the ability of a country’s licensees to host the event and the country’s accessibility to others. The Dominican Republic was chosen this time.

The aim of the annual conference is to bring licensees together to meet with the senior leadership team, share best practice, discuss goals, reward performance and promote teamwork.

The solution


The quality of the LAC conference needed to match events previously held in EMEA. This meant raising the standard of the conference experience to ensure it delivered a good return on investment and left licensees feeling as highly regarded and fairly treated as their counterparts elsewhere in the world.

Competition between the premium and budget brands was high so care needed to be taken in bringing them together to foster healthy rivalry rather than hostility.

Normally the host country provides transfers to and from the airport and hotel. However, due to local contracts, the client’s licensees in the Dominican Republic did not have permission to do this and CWT M&E had to make alternative arrangements at short notice, which was an unforeseen additional cost to the client.

A further challenge was adapting to the cultural behaviour of delegates from LAC, which had a surprising impact of some areas of the conference.

The results


By working closely with the client and preferred suppliers, the blended conference format was successfully rolled out to LAC. The trusted relationship saw the client accepting CWT M&E’s advice to ensure a great conference was delivered within budget.

“The success of this conference has led to us starting work on finding a venue for next year’s event, which will be in Miami,” said Sarah.




INDUSTRY: Automotive


SERVICE: Delegate management




  • Delegates enjoy a flawless experience thanks to a bespoke registration site, onsite support and seamless logistics
  • CWT M&E uses local market knowledge to source venue with excellent meeting rooms, which improves conference quality
  • Brand recognition is achieved through content such as spectacular visuals, careful mixing of delegates at social occasions and during team building activity
  • The group continues to work with CWT M&E on future events