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SMM: What we do

Strategic program management

CWT Meetings & Events will work side by side with you to design, implement and sustain a successful Strategic Meetings Management (SMM) program.

We’ve achieved:

  • An average of 10-25% savings
  • High level of customer satisfaction
  • 100% global SMM client retention for 5 years running

We’ve run programs covering tens of thousands of meetings and we know that the right balance of consistency and flexibility is absolutely key. The only way to achieve that is by setting up a customized program properly with you in the first place. At the core of any program management is program foundations created in line with specific business objectives and the experience that you want to create. We’ll work with you and build it together.

Data Analytics

A key challenge of SMM is knowing the enterprise-wide impact of the program. That knowledge comes from capturing and analyzing data to identify relevant insights. It’s things like revealing your true spend to discover the full potential of cost savings.


We’ll help you build and constantly refine your customized SMM strategy to suit your needs, even as they evolve. And we’re confident the data will enable you to demonstrate the value you’re bringing to your business.

Our experts work with you to turbo-charge the impact of your reporting with state of the art analytics.

Supplier optimization

Do you know the true number of suppliers your organization uses for meetings? Does anyone maintain an enterprise-wide list and monitor how they are used? Are they aligned with business travel negotiations?

Here is the crucial question.

At What opportunities are you leaving on the table in terms of savings leverage, employee productivity and attendee experience? CWT Meetings & Events, we have the knowledge, experience and technology to build a transparent supplier list with you, to consolidate that list, and advise you on negotiation strategies. And we’ll help you build strong relationships with your chosen suppliers.

The result will be a more consistent experience along with cost savings.


Strategic Meetings Management requires an investment of time, energy, and resources so you should expect a solid return on that investment. At CWT Meetings & Events, we help you uncover and realize significant opportunities. We’ll work with you to plot the right path and provide the solutions to help you develop and implement your strategy.

We provide the best people, advice and tools. The result for you is risk mitigation, return on investment and savings across your entire program.

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