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Creating an unforgettable attendee experience

Truly engaging your attendees is key to the success of any event and that needs to happen well before they arrive.

It’s not just about getting the invitations and welcome right. We’ll help you create an immersive experience, one that’s customized to suit your company’s culture and engages your attendees at an emotional level. Those are the things that make an event stick in the mind and we use a series of strategies and tools.

Take advantage of our Meet by CWT app where all your meeting details can be in one place. We can also design a unique app just for your event. And of course we use social media extensively to help you interact with your audience.

You’d expect all that. But would you expect audience response systems, social walls, holograms, gamification and beacons? Who knows what’s coming next? Our techies certainly have a very good idea and are ready to share their thoughts with you. 

How good attendee management makes all the difference

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