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is making things easier for you


How we’re doing it

CWT Meetings & Events is helping you and your company succeed by:


  • Launching new services that benefit you and your attendees.
  • Improving systems and processes to serve you better.
  • Delivering digital attendee experiences.
  • Using data to help you make strategic decisions and shape your program.
  • Continually looking ahead to bring you innovative solutions.




Welcome to the CWT Meetings & Events web page created to update you on what we have been up to so far this year, what’s coming up next and what we’re planning to deliver a bit further down the road.


Our goal is to make your life easier, while continuing to produce amazing experiences for your attendees. See how we’re bringing you new services and better systems to help you manage your meetings and events program even better.


Read on for our update, and then, talk to us. We’d love to tell you more!

  • We’re making it easier for you and your company to reduce risk and enhance the well-being of your attendees with safety and security services that address the specific needs of meetings and events.

  • Earlier this year, CWT Meetings & Events signed an exclusive agreement with International SOS to become the first global meetings and events company to incorporate a safety and security offering into its core services.

  • When you book a meeting or event with us, our core offer provides selected safety and security services at no additional charge—as long as you tick all the boxes for the prerequisites.

  • Need additional or customized services? No problem! You may choose to buy various services and resources to meet needs beyond the core service offering. We’ll introduce you to an International SOS representative who will work with you on those details and fees.

  • Why it matters: A variety of incidents can quickly escalate into costly situations. International SOS’ medical professionals added nothing to client costs in 81 percent of the cases they handled.

Source: International SOS brochure “Protecting your people. Fueling your growth.”


  • We recently established global centers of operational excellence for:
    • Group air.
    • Web and attendee management.
  • These new centers of excellence maintain defined global standards, streamline our internal processes and enable us to serve you more consistently worldwide.

  • Other benefits to you include:
    • Access to expertise and best practices across geographic locations.
    • Global service-level agreements (SLAs) and key performance indicators (KPIs).
    • Multiple language options.
    • After-hours support.
    • Data integration.
    • Savings from applying local fares and corporate discounts to in-country ticketing.
    • Full visibility to expenditures and global consolidated reporting.
  • Why it matters: A technology industry client said this about our centers of excellence, “My attendees get the best service when they need it, and I get global consistency for my program.”


  • Our innovative technology tools help planners in select markets book small meetings and events faster and easier.

  • These automated digital tools enable you to skip the time-consuming request process and accomplish in minutes what used to take days.
    • Search venues.
    • Compare options.
    • Check real-time availability.
    • Book immediately 24/7.
    • Increase control over total spending.
  • Digital tools and markets:
    • CWT easy2meet – Germany.
    • CWT Easy Meetings – Nordics: Denmark, Finland and Sweden.
    • CWT Small Meetings – U.K. and Ireland.
      • We’re the first M&E agency in the U.K. and Ireland to launch an end-to-end digital tool for booking meeting facilities.
  • Why it matters: 
    • According to Cvent, small meetings constitute roughly 70 to 80 percent of the meetings business.
    • Frost & Sullivan  report that technology can save 15 percent on bookings, reduce venue research time by 22 percent and help increase overall event planning productivity by 22 percent.


  • Creating an amazing digital attendee experience is what we’re doing today and will continue to build upon for tomorrow.

  • We’re going beyond producing well-attended events to give your attendees highly participative, personalized experiences that create social interactions before, during and after each event

  • From online registration sites and mobile apps to radio frequency identification and beacon technologies, we work with you to map and understand the digital journey through the event.

  • We help you:
    • Collect a wealth of intelligent data.
    • Measure your return on investment (ROI) or return on objectives (ROO).
    • Get meaningful insights so you can:
    • Make better, more strategic decisions.
    • Implement improvements.
    • Shape the direction of your program.
  • Why it matters: Scroll down to see the ROI we delivered for our beauty industry client.





Extraordinary attendee experiences boost beauty leader’s brand awareness, social media engagement


A beauty company wanted to launch a new product, bring attention to its product line, and increase its social engagement and following by creating extraordinary experiences that key influencers would choose to share voluntarily.




We engaged social media influencers with an exclusive incentive trip that gave them authentic opportunities to interact with their followers, share relevant content and raise brand awareness.




  • The combined social media reach of attendees totaled 18.9 million followers.
    • Instagram reach: more than 5 million.
    • Twitter reach: more than 4.1 million.
  • The beauty leader’s 4 product videos received more than 80,000 total views.
  • Snapchat Snaps received more than 400,000 views each.
  • The company’s Instagram followers grew by 22 percent and average likes increased by more than 2,500 percent.
  • Its average Twitter engagement rate increased from 1-2 percent to 11 percent.



Here’s what’s next

By the end of the year, we’re planning to launch even more global systems and services that will benefit you, your attendees and your organization.


  • Our new global data center will bring together information from transient and M&E digital tools and replace labor-intensive processes.

  • You will get:
    • Increased data consistency.
    • Streamlined data gathering.
    • Access to consolidated, global data.
    • More accurate and complete global reporting.
    • Real-time, self-service reporting.
    • Simplified project management.
    • Enhanced productivity.
    • Improved user experience.


  • Currently, Manifest Manager provides clients in North America with flight arrival and departure reporting that is specific to meetings and events.
  • Manifest Manager is rolling out worldwide to give you even better reporting that meets your specialized needs.


  • Although this is a tool for our internal teams, you will benefit from improved processes, greater consistency, better project management and streamlined collaboration across our global organization.

  • This end-to-end workflow solution enables our planners to connect your goals and objectives to performance, increasing your ROI/ROO visibility.








We’re continually looking ahead to bring you innovative solutions


Here’s a glimpse of what you can look forward to a little further down the road.

For you … small meetings tools:

  • We will continue to improve—and add even more value to—our small meetings tools by integrating them with CWT’s business travel products.

  • We are pilot testing a digital tool that offers event experience packages in 22 major U.S. cities.

  • As these tools mature and offer relevant country and regional content worldwide, we eventually will move to a global tool.


For your attendees … CWT To Go™ enhancements:

  • We are working with the CWT To Go team to deliver services that meet the specific needs of your attendees.

  • A forthcoming app enhancement will integrate users’ travel and meeting/event information, enabling them to see their individual trip itineraries and venue details all in one place.


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