Seksdagsprogram i utrolige Tokyo. Velkommen til en mosaik af øst og vest!

A metropolis with skyscrapers, flaming neon lights and international life on one side and artistic japanese tree houses and peaceful gardens that give you a unique space to be alone with your thoughts on the other. We can arrange an experience beyond the usual for you and your attendees.


Tokyo has on multiple occasions devastated. Two of the very big events that caused these devastations were the Kanto earthquake in 1923, and just as the city was rebuilt, the bombing of the city during the Second World War destroyed it once again. But despite these events the city has managed to rise itself from the ashes and has become an amazing metropolis. 


Tokyo offers many experiences. You could for example start the day with an overview of the city by visiting Tokyo Tower from where your can see most of the city. Then you can head on to the emperor's palace and dive into the history at Asakuna Sensoji temple.


After a long day with meetings it is worth visiting the japanese gardens and just enjoy the peace and incredible nature.


If you want to end the day in a truly japanese manner, you should visit a karaoke-bar. It may seem transgressive at first, but it is a really fun experience.

Proposed program

This proposal is a draft of how the program could look like. We are happy to talk to you about how you would like your program to be.

If you want to give your attendees a bit extra, you can extend the trip with a night in the historical city of Kyoto.


    Day 1 - Lunch in the airport before departure | Take-off
    Day 2 - Arrival | Lunch | Company visit | Dinner
    Dag 3 - Breakfast | Meeting/conference | Sushi-class | Meeting | Dinner
    Dag 4 - Breakfast meeting | Time on your own | "Cruise-dinner" on ship
    Dag 5 - Sightseeing | Dinner at Nicolai Bergmann's café
    Dag 6 - Home travel


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