A four days conference trip to the mighty Alps. Welcome to Kitzbühel in Tyrol.

Kitzbühel located in lovely Austria is known for its beautiful mountain landscape, perfect snow and plenty of possibilities of outdoor activities. Kitzbühel is a big skiing area with slopes for everyone in the party. Many people know Kitzbühel for its downhill course, Hahnenkamm-Rennen, which you can try – but only if you are a good skiier.


Kitzbühel is located between the mountains Hahnenkamm and Kitzbühler Horn in the eastern Tyrol in Austria. Orten is one of Austria's most wellknown ski areas with 60 slopes and more than 170 kilometers of slope.


Kitzbühel and downhill skiing is a historical combination in the area, which dates back more than 120 years. The downhill ski in Streifbacken is considered one of the toughest at the world cup and it should be experienced at the place.

Proposed program

This proposal is a draft of how the program could look like. We are happy to talk to you about how you would like your program to be.


    Day 1 - Arrival in the morning | Lunch | Conference | Dinner
    Day 2 - Skiing or other activity | Lunch | Conference | Dinner
    Day 3 - Conference or teambuilding | Free time | Dinner
    Day 4 - Breakfast | Travel home



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