A three days meetings package in the Swedish skerries – welcome to magical Åland and Havsvidden!


Forget the blinking neon lights on the old cruise ships. You will take the small ferry from Kapellskär, which sails you to Mariehamn. The trip takes about 2.5 hour – perfect time for a good lunch, some relaxation in the bar and tax-free shopping.


When you reach Mariehamn, busses will be ready to take you to the far North of Åland, HavsVidden.


HavsVidden offers you a beautiful panoramic view of the skerries for you to be amazed by. And in addition to this the hotel is known for its unique environment and service.

"Uppdrag HavsVidden"

Uppdrag HavsVidden is an activity that challenges you both physically and in terms of intellect. Your group is supposed to answer and finish a numbe of questions. You do not have time to answer all questions, so the group has to figure out, which to complete to be able to gather as many points as possible. Teamwork and planning is crucial for the collaboration between people.

Visit the local beer brewery

Not far from HavsVidden you find the brewery, Stallhagen, which produces the popular local beer. som producerer den populære lokaløl. Several kinds of highly ranked beers are being made here. You will get a guidet tour of the brewery and get the history about beer from Åland. The tour ends with a tasting of the beers.

Proposed program

This proposal is a draft of how the program could look like. We are happy to talk to you about how you would like your program to be.


    Day 1 - Departure from Stockholm or Åbo | Lunch on the ferry | Arrival | Dinner
    Day 2 - Conference | Lunch | Conference with clsoing team activities | Dinner
    Dag 3 - Relaxing morning | Lunch | Travel home


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