Complex group travel to Puerto Rico

Global medical company

Dealing with VIPs is second nature to us. So ensuring that 95 senior-level staff reach their destination on time and in line with their company’s rigorous travel policies offered us a challenge that we knew we could deliver in style.

The objectives

CWT Meetings & Events was tasked with ensuring that 95 VIPs from around the world were brought together for a medical technology company’s conference in Puerto Rico. It needed group travel experts to deliver its attendees to the event on time while adhering to three exceptionally complex geographical travel policies.

The solution


Communication proved to be key. The team worked closely with the event organiser to build a strong relationship, providing frequent updates and weekly reports.

With 1,400 specialists in more than 68 countries worldwide, attendees could contact their local CWT Meetings & Events office for support if required.

CWT Meetings & Events’ excellent relationship with its suppliers was highlighted when some flight changes needed to be made, these were processed without incurring charges, saving the client money.

The results


All 95 delegates travelled to and from their destination without incident and feedback on the experience from these high level employees was very positive. CWT was delighted to have delivered 100 per cent VIP attendance and satisfaction.

‘This has been my best experience of managing travel for this annual event,’ said the CEO’s PA, who was tasked with overseeing the event.

The team seamlessly negotiated travel restrictions relating to senior staff members flying together to a destination with limited flights. Cost effective options were provided throughout.




INDUSTRY: Global medical technology

LOCATION: Puerto Rico

SERVICE: Group travel

EVENT BUDGET: Undisclosed



  • Successfully negotiated travel restrictions relating to numbers and grades of employees allowed to fly together to a destination with limited flights
  • Provided cost-effective options for flight allocations
  • 100 per cent VIP attendance and satisfaction


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