Events: What we do

Measure & learn

What does success look like?


After putting your performance indicators in place, we design the event around the results and experiences you want. We will calculate with you the return of your event based on real data points that have been agreed with you. We know that events are there to create moments and inspire, not to mention human connections. So this return on investment measurement will include the return on experience.


This data helps you demonstrate the true value of your event and build your business case for the next one.


Strategy & planning

Events don’t happen by themselves.


Of course you know that but the point is you have to plan every single tiny detail.


Once you have your objectives you need to work out how you’re going to meet them. What is the right strategy to meet your objectives? Perhaps you need to get 60,000 people in the nearest sports stadium? Or would a seminar in an airport hotel be more appropriate? In real life, decisions about your strategy are harder and that’s where we help.


The CWT Meetings & Event team will support you through the strategy development process, as well as tactical event planning. We will work as part of your team throughout, using our experience to ensure your event is perfectly planned.


Thorough & flawless

No one wants to be in the position of having a great event, only for small details to let you down.  At CWT Meetings & Events, we make sure that doesn’t happen.


We’ve been running events for 30 years. It isn’t luck that keeps us in business. We’re still here because we’re experts at designing and managing events, and that means we’re experts at the logistics.


You can rely on us to make sure your event runs smoothly. We anticipate what could go wrong and we’ll be there to fix things before it’s too late. Our quality charter covers every eventuality. 



Lights & action

Gaps. One of the key features of an excellent event is not seeing them.


There shouldn’t be any gaps between the panels that make up the wall of a booth at a tradeshow. And the transition between two presentations should be utterly seamless.



When an event feels effortless it’s usually down to very high event production standards.


At CWT Meetings & Events, our production teams are among the very best and the most experienced. You can rely on us for faultless event production.


Gadgets & digital

You get a real buzz at an event when you use state of the art technology. Because we’re industry experts, you always have the latest, cutting edge innovations available to use.  


But it isn’t just about fun: the more technology you use, the more measurable your event is. And more measureable means more insightful reporting and a stronger foundation for your next event.


Let’s get back to the engagement and fun part. Gamification, event apps, holograms for registration and social media. All of these create an immersive and enjoyable attendee experience.


(And of course we’ll look after all the lighting, audio-visual, wi-fi etc.)


Awareness & engagement

People are what make any event work. That means you need the right people hosting the right attendees. They need to know the event is happening, why it’s relevant to them and how they can attend.


The success of the event is determined by the attendee experience. A lot goes into that and communications before, during and after the event are major touchpoints that must be perfect.


What’s the best way to contact people? Email? Twitter? Good old-fashioned mail? We’ll make sure you’re targeting and engaging people in the right way. 


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