A "team that flies" to create a memorable event



Creating a 600-delegate event that not only launched a key new product but also engaged staff and stayed true to the brand’s core values offered us the opportunity to shine.



The objectives

FASTWEB, Italy’s largest alternative land line telecommunications provider, wanted to launch its high-speed fiber connection at its annual convention.

The project needed to incorporate its core values and focus on results, relationships and responsibility. FASTWEB required an agency that could deliver these ideals, while also monitoring spend and engaging staff positively.

The solution

The telecom company chose CWT Meetings & Events to stage its convention for 600 people at the Convention Centre Dublin.

The theme was “una squadra che vola,” an Italian phrase meaning “a team that flies,”  and speakers included the Italian Air Force’s aerobatic demonstration squad who symbolically represented FASTWEB’s swift connection speeds.

CWT Meetings & Events
provided end-to-end management and maintained continuous contact with decision-makers, cultivating a trusted and positive relationship.

The results

CWT Meetings & Events kept the event budget under control and helped to negotiate with suppliers to save 30,000 euros compared with the estimated budget for past events.

The client reported that the event would be remembered as a unique, motivating experience that improved employee engagement. With all of its objectives met, the client and its stakeholders felt confident that they had put their trust in the right agency for the job and has since committed to work together on next year’s event.




INDUSTRY: Telecoms
SERVICE: Convention/Product launch
EVENT BUDGET: 1.28m euros


  • Designed a magical atmosphere using creative stage design, videos and special guests
  • Improved attendee engagement with memorable experiences
  • Achieved significant savings via strict budget control and supplier negotiations


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