CWT AnalytIQs



CWT Meetings & Events will be releasing our CWT AnalytIQs tool; this will give you insight into spend, savings and regional information. The tool will provide you with real-time reporting that gives actionable data to support and improve your overall meetings and events program.

Interactive Visual Display

CWT AnalytIQs offers you a dashboard with real-time statistics on volume, spend, regional specific data and RFP information.

This information makes it easy for you to articulate program value to key stakeholders throughout your organization.

Real-Time Reporting

Pre-built reports, based on your program, will be accessible directly from your dashboard.

Pulling data real-time puts you in the driver seat to be able to make data driven decisions faster.

User First Approach

CWT AnalytIQs has been designed with you in mind. This self- service tool gives you the flexibility to pull customized reports when you need them.

Our IQuery tool has categories that allow you to create custom reports that you can pull and bring directly to your key stakeholders.

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